labor market flows

Why is Involuntary Part-Time Work Elevated?

Continued cyclical improvement in the labor market will put downward pressure on involuntary part-time work, but secular trends may augur structurally higher part-time employment.

Understanding Unemployment Dynamics: The Role of Time Aggregation

Labor market flows estimated from monthly data understate the true number of transitions by 15--25 percent, but this time aggregation bias does not meaningfully affect the cyclicality of gross flows or hazard rates.

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Current Population Survey: Assessing the Cyclical Bias of Geographic Mobility

Cyclicality in geographic mobility does not significantly affect labor market dynamics measured in the Current Population Survey.

Weekly Time Series of the U.S. Labor Market

The monthly Current Population Survey overstates employment-to-employment transitions because of time aggregation. Separations to a new job are strongly procyclical while separations to unemployment are strongly countercyclical, resulting in an acyclical total separation rate.